What Is the Key Behind an Efficient Professional Search?

When companies have vacancies among their professional workforce, they typically do not advertise for applicants. They leave the bulk of the process to agencies that conduct professional and executive searches. Large corporations will often retain the agency if the result was fast and efficient.

It is easier to have an agency on retainer for any upcoming vacancies. There are several reasons for that decision. The agency will be familiar with the culture, procedures, needs, and goals of the corporation. That means vacancies will be filled quickly and successfully.

Differences in Agencies

General recruitment agencies conduct searches for entry-level positions, middle management jobs, and executive vacancies. They perform several services for the convenience of companies.

These agencies do not have a specific specialization. The procedures are mainstream, which means interviews are completed, background checks are done, and experience and education are verified. The short list presented to company leaders will be qualified candidates.

A top retained executive recruitment agency will have recruiters with previous experience in the applicable industry. That is what makes a Professional search fast and efficient. The candidates are not only qualified, they are the best suited for that particular position and corporation.

The key element is the insight provided by specialized recruiters. They understand the demands of the positions within the company, have detailed knowledge of job duties and expectations, and know what it takes to do the job well for several years.


The benefits of a top retained agency include a short list presented rapidly, longer tenures for professionals selected for the position, and a guarantee that the position will remain filled for a certain amount of time. Some agencies will conduct another search free of charge if the position is vacant with a one-year time frame. Guarantees will vary so be sure to discuss that with any agencies considered to become retained by the company.

Another benefit is the process is started with one telephone call. The agency has all the information needed about the company, what qualities are valued, and the future goals. Going to separate agencies for needs as they arise requires initial interviews between recruiter and company Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Time is also needed for the recruiter to explore the expectations and duties of the position.